Innovators in pain assessment

ePAT is a revolutionary new mobile app that accurately and rapidly detects pain using facial recognition technology and your smartphone.

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Dedicated apps for parents and healthcare professionals

ePAT is the only tool that can automatically and objectively detect pain. Our aim is improve the assessment of pain across the continuum of life.

Mums and Dads

Not sure if your bub “won’t settle”, “keeps crying” or “won’t sleep”; could they be hungry, tired or colicky? Use ePAT to assess whether they’re in pain and narrow down the best solution for you and your baby.

Healthcare Professionals

Change way you assess pain with ePAT. ePAT will allow you to accurately determine the presence of pain in patients who cannot tell you they’re in pain such as those with dementia.


Our app is designed to make pain assessment more objective and simpler to do. Check out our key features.

Facial Recognition Technology

Our mobile apps utilise world first facial recognition technology.

Easy To Use

Within 10 seconds ePAT will let you know whether your child, patient or loved one is in pain so you can start providing the right help immediately.

Accurate Pain Assessment

No more wondering what’s wrong – ePAT is the only tool that will provide rapid, objective and acute way to assess pain.

Evidence Based Solution

ePAT is backed by years of scientific research from world leaders in the assessment and detection of pain.

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Watch our video to find out how ePAT can improve pain assessment.